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Bob Fell and Rich Manners are co-owners of Garden State Sealing, an asphalt and concrete services company.  Garden State Sealing found that coordinating concrete deliveries for their busy mason crews was becoming increasingly difficult.  Their crews were often idle, waiting for the concrete delivery truck to arrive. The additional labor costs incurred during the “downtime” were affecting job profitability. There was also the concern that late arriving concrete could be a “hot load” which could potentially affect the quality of the concrete as well.


Finding that other masons and contractors were having similar experiences, the partners purchased a Zim volumetric concrete truck and formed Garden State Concrete. They believe that ordering concrete and getting deliveries to the jobsite should be easy.  With 35 years business experience and highly satisfied repeat customers, the partners will bring the same level of superior customer service and value to their new venture. They understand the need for timely deliveries of freshly mixed concrete and are truly committed to their tagline “Redi when you are”.

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