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Metered Trucks Verses Drum Trucks

We’ve all seen the big trucks with rotating drums on our streets and highways delivering ready mix concrete to construction sites. Drum trucks have been the industry standard for delivery of concrete since the 60’s. Yet, there is another concrete delivery option from the same era that is lesser known but becoming increasingly popular. Volumetric mixers or metered trucks as they are also known, carry all the raw material needed to mix concrete at the jobsite.

The rise in popularity of metered service lays in the trucks capabilities. Metered service is best known for delivering short loads, less than 3 yards, and for mixing the concrete to order at the job site. These benefits far outweigh the major limitation of drum truck deliveries. Drum trucks are often associated with “hot loads”.

Hot loads are ready mix concrete that has begun to set up prior to being poured due to the amount of time it sits in the drum. Drum trucks are filled to capacity at the plant. Trucks may contain more than one order. It could be several hours after the ready mix was loaded before delivery to a jobsite, increasing the tendency for a hot load. Hot loads can cause cracking and limited workability.

With metered truck service, the concrete is mixed fresh at the jobsite for maximum workability and slump. The truck operator can adjust the mix real-time and produce as little as ¼ yard of concrete. Drum truck deliveries are pre-ordered and may or may not be enough for the specific project. While experienced masons know approximately how much concrete is needed to complete specific projects, the exact amount generally cannot be calculated in advance. The metered truck will pour the exact amount of concrete needed eliminating the need to pay for an overage or the additional delivery cost of a second load for a shortage.

The benefits of metered concrete are numerous. Let Garden State Concrete introduce you to the convenience, flexibility, and cost savings of metered concrete. Call dispatch today!

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