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Garden State Concrete Announces its Metered Concrete Trucks will Carry ChemMaster Polyseal

ChemMaster Cure and Seal Products Now Available

[TINTON FALLS, September 20, 2019]—Garden State Concrete announced today that their fleet of metered concrete trucks will carry ChemMaster Polyseal WB and WB-15. Polyseal is a water-based, non-yellowing, curing and sealing compound.

Proper curing and sealing of freshly-poured concrete increases the lifespan of the concrete. The use of a curing compound makes concrete stronger and less likely to experience shrinkage cracking and micro cracking. The products can be used on interior and exterior surfaces and is a value-add to the services offered by concrete masons.

Polyseal products are sold in 5 gallon buckets and cover 250- 300 square feet per gallon at a cost of $.04 - $.05 per square foot. Polyseal WB and Polyseal WB-15 meet ASTM C1315 and ASTM C309 respectively.

Garden State Concrete is headquartered in Tinton Falls, New Jersey and operates its metered concrete truck deliveries 24 hour a day, 6 days a week. Please contact company president, Rich Manners, (732) 229-7678 for additional information and technical assistance.


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