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  • Lisa Evans

Measure Twice, Pour Once

The saying is “measure twice, cut once,” but “pour once” is more appropriate in our business. Too often, DIYers and inexperienced contractors order concrete without accurate measurements. Inaccurate measurements could result in the need for an additional delivery of concrete, which increases costs, and more man-hours to complete the job, which also increases costs. Measuring correctly is easy and saves money and time.

There are three categories of measurements for concrete;

1. Slabs, Square Footings, or Walls

2. Hole, Column, or Round Footing

3. Circular Slab or Tube

Typically, most of our orders are for slabs, sidewalks, or footings. Measurements should be taken in feet and inches. The thickness may be measured in inches and for manual calculations, convert inches into feet (e.g., 6 inches = .5 feet).

To calculate a slab, take the length times width times the height (thickness) or L x W x H, then divide by 27 feet to get cubic yards. Concrete is ordered by the cubic yard. When measuring uneven heights, use the thickest measurement for the calculation. This will ensure you have enough concrete to complete your project without placing an additional order for more concrete.

For round footings, columns, tubes, and circular slabs, measure the diameter and the depth. The manual calculation for volume is For the most accurate order, enter the results into a concrete calculator for round footings and circular slabs. Visit our website to use our concrete calculators.

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